Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We've Had The Sickies

The quaddies have been sick forever it seems. It's been a month that they've have had the same cough and runny nose. It stinks that we are moving and they are not feeling well too. I took Jaileigh and Anthony in to urgent care on Sunday and they put them on an antibiotics. The doctor said it didn't look like any infection but their glands were swollen. Anthony has a nasty cough so I was worried about him. On Tuesday, the day we started moving, I took the other two in to our regular pediatrician. He said the same thing. He is putting them on antibiotics for 14 days instead of 10 and is recommending that they get allergy tested if they get sick again. He says that there isn't any infection anywhere so he thinks its allergy related. yipppeeee!

Our doctor appointment was the worse appointment ever. The kids were horrible. They are starting to feel comfortable instead of scared at the doctors so they are acting normally. Jakob kept opening the door and running up and down the hall, then Jaileigh would follow. It was a circus. I was happy to see that the lady next door, who just had one 2 year old was having the same problem.

I had to take all 5 kids with me but I did have Madison to help. Together we toughed it out. I love this series of pictures. It was probably taken within 10 seconds and you can see how active they are.
Jake, Michael, Jaileigh, and Anthony

Annie hanging out with Madison

They moved onto the window sill. Jaileigh has the prescription pad, Jake his cell phone, and Anthony the kleenex box. Luckily our dr really likes us.

I didn't have a stroller so on the way out I grabbed a wheelchair to try and contain the crazy kids. They loved it.
Jake, Anthony, Michael

Jaileigh wanted to be a part of the fun too.

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