Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well Baby Vision Checks

We had our yearly opthamologist appointment on Thursday, the day after we went to the Wild Animal Park. The babies were wonderful.  Dr. Dunbar was so impressed with their behavior that she kept commenting on it. She said she has never had 2 year olds sit so well through an exam. Usually they cry and scream or have to be held down.  Mine sat there and let her do her things (eye drops, eye poking, lights, etc.). Everybody has perfect eyes. No straying, lazy, crossed eyes. They all have better than 20/20. Yay! 

Anthony does have a dermoid cyst above his right eye. He has had this since birth and we have been watching it closely. Dr. Dunbar really wants us to have it removed. She is worried that it will wear down the bone around his eye, eventually exposing his brain. Our pediatrician isn't worried about it at all. Dr. Dunbar referred us to a plastic surgeon so I guess we are off to get a 3rd opinion.

Anthony at the playground

Dr. Dunbar is also a little worried about Jakob. He has one of the symptoms of Juvenile Glaucoma. His eye pressure always runs high. She wants to see him again in 3 months. If it is still high than she will put him under anesthesia and check it while he is sleeping. She said there is a small chance that he is causing it to be high because he is excited. If it is still high under anesthesia than she will start him on eye drops and see if that helps. She is really puzzled because he shows no other symptoms of having glaucoma. Please keep him in your prayers as well as Anthony.





Enjoying the beautiful fall weather

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