Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Caroline traveled out to see us the day before Thanksgiving. She spend most of the day with us and then had to drive home in Thanksgiving traffic. When she left there were many tears shed. She had to run out the door so the kids wouldn't follow her.

Caroline reading to her babies
Jaileigh, Michael, and Anthony

Jake reading his favorite book

At our old house we lived next door to Dana, our friend with 4 dogs. Caroline would hold the quads so they could see the dogs over the fence. They remembered and wanted her to show them the dogs. Sadly we don't have any dogs over the fence.

Annie practicing her push-ups. While the quads were outside playing with Caroline, Annie and I played inside.

Getting ready to crawl

Caroline and the quads ran around and around this planter.

Jake and Michael

Helping the kiddos play dress up. This involves dressing and undressing 4 toddlers as fast as you can.

Thanks for coming and playing Caroline. Thanks for being our friend.

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