Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mom's Birthday Day

On my actual birthday (11/6) we had the busiest day ever! We were supposed to be at our church at 7:00 am to help clean it. Families take turns cleaning the church and it was our turn. We got to clean it with our friends the Millers and the Gygers. That day the babies just happened to sleep in and we didn't get to the church until 7:30. After cleaning the church we stopped and got some do-do's (doughnuts) for the babies, went home, played for a bit and then Mike and I went shopping and to lunch. When we got back we had to get ready for family pictures. This year we traveled to a park close to our photographers house, she usually comes to our house. After pictures we went to our new house to show the relatives. We ate dinner there and then came home. It was quite an eventful day! Here are some pictures from part of it.

Grandpa peeling pomegranates with the boys. Jaileigh taking care of her baby.

Anthony, Michael, and Jake helping grandpa

Anthony still eating, oops, I mean helping.

Annie and mommy

Jaileigh is helping to vacuum

Michael's kissy-face

Grandpa and Grandma took the big kids for a walk so Mike and I could sneak out for a date.

Rori stayed home and watched the sleeping Annie.
Mike and I on our way out

The boys patiently waiting for Rori to wake up so they can play with her.
Jake, Anthony, Michael

Jaileigh all ready for church and yelling at someone

Rori and Annie in their church clothes

My sweet little Anndalyn

A huge thanks to everyone for the best birthday ever! It's going to be hard to beat it next year.

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