Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Snuggly Pillows

Mike has been out of town this week so we had to get a little creative at our house. Entertaining four toddlers full time is pretty exhausting. So far this week we've been to Sam's Club, Costco, and Target. We had a tripped planned for the zoo with our triplet friends but we both decided not to go because we are having a heat wave here. We'll try again next week. This is the first time that Mike has been gone that the quads have really noticed and missed him. They keep asking for daddy and Anthony woke up crying last night for his daddy. It's been sad to see them confused.

Here is the entertainment for 30 minutes this morning. For the quads birthday we bought them these animal pillows that are similar to the "Pillow Pets" but these also have a sleeping bag in them. My kids did not know that until today. I broke out the sleeping bags and we played "nighty night". I was amazed at how funny they thought this game was. The wanted in the sleeping bag, then out, then in, then out, you get the picture. . . .

Michael wouldn't get in his bag, he wanted to sit on it. He also wouldn't pose for an individual picture. He ran and hid. I love Jaileigh's fish lips in this picture.
Jakob, Jaileigh, Michael, and Anthony

Jaileigh saying "cheese" with her Hippo

Anthony with his puppy

Jake's innocent smile with his dragon

I'm sad I didn't get Annie one. She is going to be one of the quads sooner rather than later and is going to notice she doesn't have one. She already loves everything that they do.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amber,
Can I ask where you got the pillow sleeping bags or what the brand name is? My daughter wants one for Christmas! Thanks bunches!

Amber said...

We bought them at Costco for $15 or $20. The brand is Steve. Hope that helps and sorry it took me so long to respond.