Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Moving Day . . .

or should I say Moving Week.

We are lucky enough to have movers move us. Mike's company is moving us because we are moving into his territory. Thank goodness because I don't think I want to pack again.

On Tuesday the movers showed up and packed up the house. They left our beds up so we can sleep in them tonight. Wednesday they are coming to load it and unload it at our new house and Thursday they are coming to unpack. We have been told that "unpacking" consists of them opening boxes and piling the contents on the counters and floors. We'll see how that goes.

As sad as I am at moving away from our friends and our church I am excited for a new adventure and a nicer house. I feel like we have been living in a ghetto box for a year and I am so ready to have some space. So, here we come new house, new church, new friends and hopefully our old will still visit us.

Anthony and Michael sitting on the movers supplies

Jake and Jaileigh watching the movers pack. The movers were so nice to the kids. They never got mad because they were hanging around. They actually seemed to enjoy them and played with them.

The moving truck

While the movers packed we went to Kari's house to play. She has a little park by her house that we played at.

Jake and the slide

Jaileigh was a little nervous about the slide

I had Annie strapped on to me so Kari took Jaileigh and Michael down the slide. What a good sport!

Jake and Anthony


Jake is my fearless child.


Thanks Kari for letting us hang out at your house!

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