Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Favorite

 Dear Amber Jai,
Thank you for. . .
-always being there
-being my Second Mother,
-countless underwear shopping trips,
-and looking the other way when I snuck your clothes into my suitcase.
Thank you for. . .
~being the best gift-giver ever,
 ~your example of how to be a good person, mother, and sister.
 ~being patient when I call at midnight to give you  the latest drama 
 ~randomly packing and hauling your five kids to Utah when I need you most.
Thank you for. . .
~teaching me to wax my eyebrows,
 ~ highlighting my hair
~forgiving a little sisters tantrums.
Thank you for. . .
*loving me
*never aging
*teaching me about dumb boys
 *being the "cool" sister, everyone always wanted
*and Being Beautiful
 *(It gives me hope that I will someday grow into a life-sized barbie like you)
Love you Forever and Always. Happy Birthday Snookums!xoxoxo
Rori, and the Family


Kari said...

Happy birthday Amber! I hope it was great!

Four babies 4 us said...

Happy Birthday a little late! Rori's little post made me cry...What a sweetheart she is! You two are lucky to have each other.
Love you!