Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trunking and Treating Again!

On Saturday we were able to attend another trunk or treat with our friends. This trunk or treat was the cadillac of trunk or treats though. It had a petting zoo, carnival like booths, pony rides, and yummy food.

Kari helping Anthony in the petting zoo.

This is how Jaileigh spent her time in the petting zoo- attached to Madison

Anthony petting the rabbit. He was the bravest of the quads.

Parker and Jake looking at the rabbit. I don't think he ever petted it.

The petting zoo crowd- Kari-Anthony, Jaileigh-Madison, Jake-Parker, Michael-Daddy

Brave Anthony and the bunny

Jake trying the pony ride. It didn't go over too well. He got off right after the picture.

Anthony actually rode the pony. I walked along side him and talked to him the whole time. He was scared but he did it.

Daddy trying to put Michael on the pony. No way!

Jake is in driving heaven.
Riley, Anthony, Jake, Daddy, Michael

On the back of this mule they put a hay bale and gave rides around the parking lot. After our ride Jake screamed and cried because he wanted more. The driver let Jake sit on his lap and "drive". Jake was so happy.

Great photo op

Jaileigh and her nerd glasses

The ghost toss.

Anthony, Jake, Madison, Jaileigh, and Michael

Anthony figured out how to win the ring toss- walk up and put the ring on, duh!

Fishing anyone?

The kids had a great time. After all the fun and games a couple of the kids treak or treated, but most of them just wanted to watch the animals from the petting zoo get put away. The animals were the highlight of the night. They still talk about them going "night, night".

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