Thursday, October 7, 2010

The L.A. County Fair

`We were lucky enough to get to the LA County Fair with the kids school. The fair opens early to schools so there weren't too many people there. Kari and her son, Parker, came with us. Thank goodness Parker came to help pull the wagon around. I was able to bring one of the double strollers for our luggage and our sleepers (Annie).
Our first stop was the petting zoo. I was really nervous to take the kids through this because the last one we went to the kids fell to pieces. They really surprised me, no screaming.

I think they were a little nervous. Look at their faces!
Jaileigh, Anthony, Jakob, and Michael

Parker and Jaileigh getting ready to pet a goat.

Miss Sandra helping Michael pet the goat

Miss Sandra with Jakob

Showing Jakob it's ok

Jakob was nervous

Looking at the geese

Michael is excited  about the goose

Riding the bucking broncos
Anthony, Parker, and Michael


The boys
Anthony, Parker, Michael, and Jakob


Annie waking up from her beauty rest

Lunch break

Michael was picking a flower and accidentally picked the whole plant

Michael, Anthony, and Jaileigh

Michael cleaning out his shoes

The rode the carousel. This time everyone liked it and Jake even cried because he didn't want to get off.

Kari helping Anthony and Jakob off


After the carousel we went to the "Enchanted Forest". This was made to look like a forest from one of the Disney movies. It was very princessy. They had an alligator, turtles, tortoise, rabbit, opossum, mice, bird, and a snake. Some of them you could pet.

Here are the quaddies looking at the bunny.

Parker and Annie

The guy that ran the forest loved the kids. He saw that Anthony liked looking at the snake so he got it out for him to pet. He even told all the other kids to go away so I could get a picture with Anthony. I can't believe Anthony likes snakes. I hate them!

Next to the enchanted forest was the Princess House. It had a section for the boys to play dress up in too. Anthony picked a sword to dress up in.

Then they discovered the kitchen stuff. They loved this part. I couldn't drag them away. I finally bribed them with ice cream.
Jaileigh is standing next to the drawer full of pans, Anthony has a pan, Michael is ironing, and Jake has a blender.

Michael's turn with the sword.

Jake and the blender/mixer and the iron

Parker telling Annie a story

Jaileigh in her princess attire.

Jake cooking something

and the biggest hit of the whole fair - the vacuums that really worked


Michael and Jakob in the background

 Jake was trying to vacuum everyones feet and thought it was so funny.

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Marci said...

Okay, so this is what I think. Heavenly Father decided that you needed to be paid back for being such a wonderful, giving person. So he challenged you with having FIVE children less that 2 years apart, thus forcing you to reach out to those who are willing/able to help you. You, who would go through life always doing for others while never expecting any sort of payback. GOTCHA! He's one smart Father, you know...
And those lucky people that get to help you get to enjoy all your little beauties, wish I lived closer. We could really be a spectable! Miss you lady, talk to you soon.