Sunday, October 17, 2010

A 2nd Dose Of The Happiest Place

Even though Michael doesn't look like he is on his way to the Happiest Place, he is! Chocolate covered face and all. The problem was the Friday afternoon traffic. Brutal! 

The traffic is wearing Jake out

Anthony is still a chipper

Mr Giggles

Miss Jaileigh-bug

Annie slept most of the way

There's a smile

The driver- whoo hooo! Thanks daddy.

Mikes work had a family day at Disneyland on Oct 9. Even though we just live 45 minutes away, we went down Friday night so that we could be at Disneyland bright and early.
Riding on the luggage cart
Anthony, Jaileigh, Michael, Jake

Oh the excitement of halls to run.
Michael in the front


We rented a suite at the Marriot Suites. We set up 4 playpens and Annie slept in a moses basket on the coffee table next to our bed. We set up 2 of the playpens at the bottom of our bed. One in the closet/sink area and the 4th right outside our door. I am sure the maid was in awe at how many babies were staying in our room.

Completely wore out.
Jake and Jaileigh

Saturday morning Karen and Megha met us at Disneyland around 7:30ish. Thank goodness they came!
Karen and Jake, Megha and Annie

The tram ride into the park was so squishy. We had our 2 strollers, 4 adults, and 5 babies all squeezed in.
Mom and Jaileigh

Annie- look at those luscious lips

Daddy and Michael and Anthony

The whole family

We had to go on the Carousel, of course.

Anthony looks a little nervous



Anthony, Daddy, Michael, Megha, Jake

They think they are big kids now and want to walk everywhere!
Michael, Jaileigh, Anthony, and Jakey

to be continued tomorrow. . . .

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Four babies 4 us said...

I am astonished at your bravery! We waited until our crew was 5 before we took them to Disneyland...And I thought I was doing good!
Looks like you had fun! (so far)