Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk or Treat!

We attended our church's trunk or treat last night (Fri). We were late, of course. We missed the dinner program but made it just in time for the trunk or treating. The kids were a little overwhelmed with the all the costumes but were so excited to see all their friends, especially Bill and Gina. We went as a "Zoo". We had the lion costume from our wizard of oz theme last year so I just had to find 4 more costumes. This is what they were supposed to be- Jake-monkey, Anthony-tiger, Michael-lion, Jaileigh-giraffe, Annie-elephant. From the pictures below you can see that the kids had their own agenda.

Bill and Gina brought do-do's (doughnuts) just for the kids. Here is Anthony trying to get his open. He is my sweets kid so had the time of his life eating candy after. He decided that he was going to be the monkey. All of the kids wanted to be the monkey. We should have just been the monkeys jumping on the bed : )

Michael ended up being the lion, after I tackled him and forced him to.

Jake eating his sucker. He ended up being the tiger.

Jaileigh, jaileigh, jaileigh. . . what can I say! She refused to put on any of the costumes, she refused to wear normal shoes, and I was not going to battle with her. She won tonight.

Annie didn't last. Trunk or Treat was way past her bedtime. She did wear her elephant costume. So cute!

The crazy animals- Jaileigh, Jakob, Michael, and Anthony

Dana or Danee as the kids call her, helping Jaileigh with her doughnuts.

"Hey guys, look who I get to sit next to!" Anthony yells to the rest of his siblings. He loves Gina! She is his girlfriend.

Eating the candy! I should win mother of the year award for letting my kids eat candy before bed.
Jakob, Anthony, and Michael

Bill playing with the kiddos in the foyer

Hope your Halloween activities are spooktacular!
Love, The DeMaria Zoo


Following HIM said...

PRECIOUS! Glad you all had LOTS of fun!!

King Quads said...

So cute! Can't believe this is the THIRD Halloween can you?

Miss Thang and her dress shoes - love it. That is going to be so funny one day!