Thursday, October 14, 2010

4 Month Stats

We took Annie in for her 4 month well baby check a week late. Dr Ambrose is happy with how she is developing. He says she is developing beautifully. He asked me a bunch of questions- Can she roll? yes, Is she sleeping through the night? yes, Tries to scoot? yes, Started solids? um, no she's only 4 months old. He thought she was 6 months old, so he was asking all the 6 month questions. So, she is advanced as far as her skills but she is a big baby. I asked him if it was ok she was so fat and he said YES. Breastmilk fat falls off babies, he says. More good news is she is somewhat proportionate in height and weight. She is very long.
She weighs 18 lbs 8 oz - 100%
She is 27 in long- +100%

Now for the pictures-

Annie making funny faces

Blowing bubbles

Annie is very interested in everything her siblings do. We got the excersaucer out for Annie to play with and she became the center of attention. She loves the attention and the new toy.

Oh, Annie we love you!

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