Friday, October 29, 2010

Harvest Festival!

Halloween is almost here. Tonight we are going to our church's Trunk or Treat. I am excited, I think the kids are going to love seeing everyone dressed up. I am also nervous about the kids wearing their costumes. They love to dress up but only dress up for minutes at a time. Last night we went to our schools Harvest Festival. The kids had a ton of fun and we only did 5 of the activities.

Today is Annie's 5 month birthday and the quads 27 month birthday. Happy Birthday to all!

Jaileigh making a mask. She is pat, pat, patting her butterfly so it sticks.

The final product

Annie modeling Jakeys mask

Anthony in deep concentration working on his mask

Jake trying to steal all the craft items. Michael refused to get off of my lap so he didn't get a picture.

Coloring with their teacher, Ms Sandra
Jaileigh, Anthony, Jakob, Michael, Annie, and Daddy

Jaileigh climbing the rock wall on the play toy



Michael and Anthony- Ready, GO!

Playing in the play house with Peyton or "the boy" as the quads call him. He has quad siblings that are 10 months old.

Jaileigh modeling Ms Sandra's Witch Diva hat. It fits her perfectly!

The Bat Cave was the favorite activity of the evening. It was supposed to be dark but they turned the lights on for us. The kids went in, washed their hands, and picked out a key from some bowls full of slimey balls. They carried the key with them throughout an obstacle course and at the end there was a treasure chest with prizes.

Michael looking for a key

Jaileigh in a tunnel


Jaileigh in the giant swing. She lost her hairbow in one of the tunnels. We found it but didn't put it back in.

Jake climbing the rock wall

Michael on the rock wall

Jake in the swing



If you look closely you can see Jakey trying to run back to the beginning again. They loved it and had to be carried out because they wouldn't leave.

Here are a few pictures from last weekend that I didn't post.
Michael and his pumpkin.

Michael and Anthony with 4 pumpkins. I wonder who's pumpkins they stole!?


Julie getting in one last read before she left last Sunday.
Anthony, Jaileigh, and Jakob

My little Anndalyn and her punkin!


Anonymous said...

Just a hint to keep the bows in...use the little rubber bands to make a pony tail then stick rubber band.

Amber said...

Thanks for the tip!