Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happiest Place Cont . . . .

Trying to peak over the fence.
Jaileigh, Michael, Anthony

Karen and Jaileigh

Anthony is a little worried about something

Michael and Jake

It's a Small World left Anthony a little nervous

Jake and Daddy

Michael, Jaileigh, and Megha

Annie's enjoying the ride

Annie hanging out in the stroller

Waiting in line for the teacups.
Jaileigh, Daddy, Karen, Anthony

They all loved the teacups and had to go on them again. After every ride they would ask for more.

Jaileigh and Daddy

Anthony enjoying his ride and Karens hair. She's nice enough to let him play with it.

They did not enjoy this ride! Alice in Wonderland was not a hit!
Jake, Michael, and Megha

Too cute!
Jake and Anthony

The teacups again
Karen, Anthony, Jaileigh, mommy


We left the park at noon to eat lunch and take naps. We came back to the park at 4 for our second dose of fun. Mike dropped us off outside and parked the car so we didn't have to take the tram again. Jaileigh refused to nap during naptime and fell asleep on the way back. She is under the blanket sleeping.

Family picture (minus Annies head) This is the new favorite ride- The Jungle Cruise. Kids and the adults LOVED this ride. We went on it twice too.
Annie, Mommy, Jaileigh, Michael, Jakob, Anthony, Daddy

Look at his astonishment. He loved the animals. Giraffes, Hippos, Lions, Giraffes, Elephants, Monkeys. . .

So excited!

Dinner time- Mikes work had dinner at 5:30 in the Arena. It was delicious. They even had 4 highchairs for the quaddies.

Jakey and his messy face and shirt

Anthony was eating some BBQ chicken and didn't like the sauce on his hands

Michael enjoying his food

I don't even know what to say about her.

Mr Cheeser again

Jaileigh and her daddy

She's so excited

There was a stage that the quaddies snuck onto for a few minutes. You can tell how excited Anthony is

HUGS! Jaileigh and Jakey

Anthony and Jaileigh

Anthony and Daddy

Jakey, Anthony, and Jaileigh after raiding the diaper bag

Michael trying to breakdance (?)

Home Sweet Home
Jaileigh, Annie, Anthony, Michael, and Jakey

Anthony and Jaileigh

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