Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cute Quaddie-isms From Today

Since I haven't been able to blog with pictures I decided to do a little journaling. Today I kept track of the cute things my kids are doing. Oh my, I can't stand how cute they are!!!

Anthony now adds "ah" to the end of all his words. So I am mommy-ah. Daddy is daddy-ah. No-ah or No-e-ah. Jakey-ah. Blankey-ah. baby-ah. Annie-ah.

Jaileigh saying "Jakey" with a mouth full of food. She tried to be lady like and put her hand over her mouth.

Jaileigh, Michael, and Anthony all running full charge to the bedroom when they hear Jakey waking up from his nap. Then crawling into his crib with him, so excited to see him again.

Anthony and Michael both trying to help Jaileigh take her shoes off

Anthony helping Jaileigh to get out of Annies excersaucer

I said "someone go talk to Annie so she doesnt cry." Anthony ran over and yelled "TALK, Talk?"

Anthony falling asleep while holding Annie

Jakey talking baby talk to Annie and making her laugh.

Jaileigh wiping Jakey's snotty nose with a burp rag

Michael putting his hand on his hips and yelling at the other quads "No, No, No!"

Mike asked me to hand him the little garbage bag that was on the counter so he could throw it in the garbage outside. Michael heard him and brought him the kitchen garbage can.

Jaileigh helping Annie to sign thank you after she gave her a toy.

Michael waking up early from his nap and watching "The Talk" with me.

All of them saying "huh?" after you tell them to do something.

Annie laying on the floor, diaper off, tooting away, and all the quaddies laughing because Annie is "tooooting"

ALL of their laughs are so adorable. They just giggle the cutest little giggles and then they have the biggest belly laughs. One of these days I will get all of them recorded.

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