Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch

Since it's the time of year for pumpkins, we decided to visit the local pumpkin patch. We took Great-grandma, Aunt Julie, and our friends Madison and Rylee.  We had so many people that we decided to take the RV. That way everyone could fit and everyone could be comfortable. We had a great time and the kids had an even better time!

Madison entertaining 1 of the 4 quadlings.

Now she's captivated 3 of the 4

Rylee and Michael looking deeply into one anothers eyes. HEY, stay away little Rylee, Michael already has a girlfriend- Kari.

Julie and sweet baby Annie

While daddy bought tickets so we could go to the petting zoo, the quads watched the pony rides.
Jakey and Jaileigh

Michael, Jake, and Jaileigh

Madison and Annie

Julie and Jake checking out the goat

Jaileigh and Daddy making faces at the goats. Jaileigh still tells a story about the goat touching her leg and hurting her. Then she cried and daddy held her. It's so cute to hear her tell it. I don't think the goat really hurt her, it just scared her.

Michael being silly

In the petting zoo there was an aviary. It had turkeys, peacocks, chickens, geese, ducks, pheasants, etc.
Jake, Julie, Michael, Grandma, and Anthony checking out the turkey

Rylee and Jake looking at the bunny hill

Michael looking at the bunny

I love how Anthony is standing here. He looks so grown up with his hand in his pocket.

Checking out the chicken coop


Anthony getting a free ride

Michael loved the ducks


Checking out the cows, pigs, and ostriches


The Organ Grinder Monkey. He shook your hand and tipped his hat for a ticket or money. There were also signs up that said no pictures without paying. My kids loved this monkey. They still talk about it. None of them were brave enough to give it a ticket though.

The Hay Castle which is really a straw castle. This is the only picture I have of the whole "hay" castle.




Group picture at the top.
Madison, Jake, Anthony, Jaileigh, Michael, Rylee and Daddy

Daddy bought them their first cotton candy and no one liked it. Ha Ha
Jake, Anthony, Jaileigh, and Michael

Jaileigh and Michael

Michael trying the cotton candy


Great-Grandma enjoying her straw bale

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