Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun Pictures and Visitors

Jaileigh camping out with her baby and her yogurt. She has fingerpaint spilled on her shirt too.

I made snickerdoodles one day and Anthony decided he wasn't going to share. He loves sweets!

Going for a ride
Michael, Anthony, and Jakers

Jake trying out Annies bouncy chair

Jaileigh was looking at her cousin, Major's, picture. She wouldn't let anyone touch the computer. She just kept saying "Maj. Maj." over and over. They think that people can come out of pictures. Jake was really angry tonight because Rori wouldn't come out of her picture.

The boys pushed the ball pit close to the counter and then practiced trying to climb.
Michael hanging and Jake jumping

Jaileigh trying to walk the slide with socks on

Jake JUMPS to the counter. Crazy kid!

Here he is after the jump. The other boys won't jump.  They have to touch it first.

I don't know what they were doing. I watched them all lay down one by one and then they just giggled.
Michael, Anthony, Jake, Jaileigh

My friends came to visit from Salt Lake City. Marcia and Brenda were brave enough to come play with the quaddies for an afternoon. While they were there I even got to take a private, quiet shower. It was heaven! I usually have 4 hooligans in there with me.

Brenda let them play with her hair and her hair clip. They thoroughly enjoyed it!

It was so much fun to see them! It's been years. Thanks for stopping by girls!

Beautiful Gina and Annie

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Marcia said...

thanks for letting us come visit. We had a have the cutest family ever!! I would come a lot more often...but life gets in the way!!!