Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Wrigley Field

The Cubs were out of town our whole trip to Chicago. The boys, Michael especially, were so sad. We decided to take them on a tour of Wrigley Field so that they could see where they played.

Addison street (Jaileigh's middle name, her namesake) Sadly, we did not get a picture of the other cross street, Grace, where Annie's middle name comes from.

Jaileigh next to the Addison street sign.

Daddy flew in today and boy were we excited to see him! We packed him in the car and took off to Wrigley Field!

This sweet boy did not feel well. He had a fever and terrible ear pain. I finally took him in on Monday and he had an ear infection (inner and outer). The doctor put him on a strong antibiotic and ear drops. Within 12 hours he was feeling so much better. 

Jake, Anthony, Jaileigh, Annie, Michael standing at the gates to the field. We got yelled at because we were too close to the field. I'm sure they thought I was going to turn the kids lose and let them run on it. 

View from the upper bleacher side.





Diana, Nick, Annie, Jaileigh 

My sweet girls

Going up to the visitor locker room

This is the visitor locker room. I believe they said it hasn't ever been updated. Pretty basic.

The organ they use to play during the games.

In the press box, no air, no heat and folding chairs.

Some of the many flags they fly, The Cubs love their flags!



Jake trying to take a shortcut

In the Cubs dugout

Finally a smile from Anthony!


Bobby and his little buddy, Anthony

Jaileigh and Auntie Diana

When kids take pictures you get funny pictures!


Anthony and Anthony Rizzo

Jaileigh and her favorite player, Addison Russell. She thinks he's very pretty.

Michael and his favorite player, Ben Zobrist

In front of the Wrigley Field Fire House

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