Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bye Bye Vegas

The last of the Vegas Vacation pictures. We were there Saturday-Tuesday. Mike left Tuesday morning so he could get to work. I stayed with the kids and let them swim and hang out with Uncle Joe. We left around 1-2ish after swimming all morning and afternoon.

This is from Annie's birthday dinner. It's a little out of order for some reason. 

The birthday girl!



He wouldn't smile for me.

They were so tired!

Even though his tummy still hurt, he ate so much!


Swimming at the pool on the last day.



Someone took my picture.

Jaileigh was hungry so she was eating the block of cheese. 


Anthony and Jakob

Everywhere we go they find new friends.



The rest of these are from my phone. Low quality but still cute.

Playing in the game room.

My sick boy.

A huge thank you to our friends and neighbors that collectively collected eggs, watered and fed the chickens. 

Traffic on our way home. We were about 15 miles away from home. ridiculous!

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