Friday, June 10, 2016

Beach Day

The last day of school was Beach Day. The kids had a blast. I wasn't going to send them to school but they insisted on going. I'm glad I did. They would have missed out.

Jaileigh, friend Kaiden, Michael

Mrs Duarte had Michael show everyone how to play a game.

I ran over to Annie's class to check on her and to take pictures. They were having a play day. She waned me to take pictures with her friends. 
This is her friends Taylor and Isabella

Eli (that ate with us at whimsical), Rylan and Annie

Kihana, (from another class I subbed), Reagan, Annie

Taylor wanted me to take another picture without frosting on her face. 

Evelyn- I subbed her quite a few times. She really wanted me to take her picture. She looked so beautiful.

I went back to the Beach Luau
They played a climb through the hula hoop game and then a kick your shoe in the circle game.

Playing frisbee

The limbo

I think this was the favorite!

Picnic time

Sweet Katie was taking a rest.

Mrs Duarte did a cute little promotion- Congratulations, you are now a 2nd grader and handed them their report card with a sweet letter from her. She retired this year. I teased her and told her my four chased her out and into early retirement. She and her husband were offered golden handshakes that they couldn't resist. I told her I was mad at her for leaving before she got Annie.







We stayed after school for a couple of hours and helped her clean out her room. My kids filled my car with stuff she gave them. I don't know how I fit the kids in the car they collected so much stuff! What a whatever and memorable year we had with Mrs Duarte! I don't think we will ever top it. 

now we are off to Chicago........

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