Thursday, June 2, 2016

Annie's Birthday Dinner

Grandma and Grandpa took everyone to dinner for Annie's big day! She chose to go to "Grandma's Cafe" (Golden Coral) because of the amazing dessert bar. My kids love it!

Rori and Edward

Andy and Tia

Daddy and his mini me, Anthony

Jaileigh and I

Michael's chocolate covered strawberry rolled off his plate and onto my shirt. It was a different way to accessorize.


Annie with her dad

Michael and Annie

With Baby Maze who isn't really a baby anymore.

Cousin love and silliness!

The family minus grandma because she likes to take the picture rather than be in the picture!

After eating we went to the park to run off some sugar.

Anthony and Mike playing catch.

My brother, Andy


Pops and Grams

Sharks and Minnows!



The birthday girl, Annie!

Major played catch with Mike too.
It was crazy Sharks and Minnows!

Playing Duck Duck Goose

Baby Maze wasn't too proud to use pink!

Group shot with everyone

Brother and Sisters

What in the world?

Hahaha Mike and Grandma

My sweetheart!

Andy and Tia

Rori and Edward

Playing on the gazebo

Thank you Grandma for arranging such a fun dinner and evening!

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