Monday, June 13, 2016

Grandma Dolores

For years the kids have been praying for Grandma Dolores, Mikes mom. Now they finally got to meet her. She is the whole reason for our visit to Chicago. We really felt that the kids needed to meet her. She has had alzheimers for the last 13ish years. When I met her a little over 11 years ago she was the most vivacious, witty, funny, happy and beautiful lady. I can only imagine what she was before the Alzheimers.

Mike's mom and dad

Mike with his mom and dad

Grandma Dolores with her mom (mikes grandma)

His mom and dad at their wedding. Such a handsome couple!

Our first day in Chicago we went to see Grandma Dolores. Bobby and Toni and Diana all came. Bobby and Toni entertaining the kids. 

Anthony loved Grandma Dolores. He just kept watching her and sitting by her. She is smiling.




Anthony wanted another picture.

Nick didn't want a picture.

Anthony talking to her.


The kids were so excited to see her and I really felt like she was excited to see them. She smiled the whole time and said that they were "beautiful".

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