Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Good Bye Chicago

On our last day in Chicago we spent the whole day in the car driving and visiting people. It normally would be ok but with 5 kids it was rough. First we went to visit Grandma Dolores, then Uncle Andrew, then we drove to the cemetery that Mike's dad is buried in, then we finally went home. We were flying out that night so I napped the kids and then we packed and left for the airport.

The kids were so excited to see Grandma again. 

We took her on a walk so that we could have a tour of her facility.

We went to the chapel. Anthony said a prayer.

The stained glass was so beautiful.

Family picture in the chapel.

I'm not sure if this is sacrilegious or not. I don't know what the statue is but my kids liked it and wanted a picture with it. 

Bad picture, but I love Anthony's hand on her head. 

Anthony whispered to her that he loved her and then he asked her if she liked him too. It was so cute. He really did show the most emotion and love for his Grandma Dolores. 

After the Grandma Dolores visit we went to visit Aunt Dolly. She has lung cancer and recently fell and broke her hip so she's been in a rehabilitation center.

Uncle Andrew, her husband is Mike's uncle, and his dads brother. 

Uncle Andrew was so entertaining. He took the kids on a tour of the center. First was a popcorn stop, then they got to play pool for a bit, then the vending machines, then back to the elevator and the room where he taught them all his magic tricks. 

Magic tricks

Jake practicing another magic trick.

Mike, Diana, Dolly and Andrew

Trying to get a picture but everything was too funny.

After our visit to Aunt Dolly and Uncle Andrew we went to the cemetery.

This is Mike's Uncle Frank.

Grandpa Joe's wall faces the beautiful pond.

When we arrived at the airport we found out that our flight was delayed. The airport had cots set up so we grabbed our 7 and settled down for a long wait. 

Our flight finally left at 12:00 am. We landed in Vegas around 3 and went to Joe's house to sleep. We got up the next morning and sadly had to leave to pick up our dog. Otherwise we would have loved to have stayed at Joe's for another week!

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