Saturday, June 11, 2016

Chicago Bound

The kids told all their friends and teachers that we were going to Chicago for the summer. The parents at pick up all asked me about our trip. This was before we had even planned a trip so I was really confused. I had to tell them we weren't going to Chicago. That night Mike and I looked at ticket prices and found some great deals. We couldn't not go because they were so cheap. We purchased them and suddenly we were going to Chicago! The kids were so so so excited! They asked Siri everyday how many days until June 8. Then we had a countdown chalk board in the kitchen. The day finally came and they could barely contain their excitement.

Right after school on the last day of school, we left for Las Vegas to catch our flight to Chicago. Mike was already in Las Vegas for work meetings so we met him at his hotel. He drove us to the airport so I didn't have to worry about the car. Our flight was the red eye so the timing was crazy! We left after school, the car was loaded already so we just had to drop the dog off and pack some final snacks and things to do.

The kids slept almost to Primm. A couple woke up around Baker. I was hoping they would sleep because our flight was so late. We stopped in Primm and ate at the outlets. 

Mike was staying at the M Resort so we swung by there and picked him up. He came with us through the check in point but then had to leave us at security. The kids were so excited to go to Chicago and to ride on an airplane for the first time. 

Riding the tram to our terminal, one of them asked if they were on the airplane.

Landing at 4:30 a.m. was for the birds!

As the plane landed Jaileigh stood up and her tooth fell out. It was so loose I don't even know how it was attached! Every night I thought for sure she would swallow it in her sleep. I had to wrap it in a bandaid because I didn't have anywhere to put it. 

Funny quotes from the kids on the flight-
Annie- "this does not feel like Chicago. It's just feels like we're driving." 
Jake- "mom where does all the poop and pee go?" (On the airplane) 
Anthony after landing at the airport in Chicago- "mom we are in the same place!"
Mikes sister and nephew picked us up from the airport. On our way to their house they drove by Mike's old house so the kids could see it. We also went to Dunk Donuts so the kids could have the famous donuts. 

Uncle Joe and Grandpa Joes' old hangout.

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