Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy 11th Anniversary!

Happy 11 Years to my best friend, my side kick, my right arm, couldn't do it without him, father of my children, Mike!

I am so truly blessed and thankful to have this man by my side every day and throughout eternity. There aren't many men, if any, that help out as much as he does. He does dishes, cleans bathrooms, cooks, does laundry, yard work, helps put kids to bed every night, puts up with rare date nights, runs all my crazy errands, puts up with my scatterbrainedness and picks up all my pieces, consoles, bandages, and cheers on! When I fall to pieces and don't think I can handle life, he calmly steps in and takes over, dragging me with him until I get it together again. 

He is the most amazing husband, father, and man there is. I really don't know what I would do without him. I love you forever and always and throughout the eternities!

 Our engagement picture in 2005

Our engagement cake at my parents

2005 on hospital bedrest with my best friend at my side

2015 surviving and thriving

2005 honeymoon in Jamaica. 
We told ourselves we would be back for our 10 year anniversary. too funny!

Before we got married, sailing Lake Mead with our friends.

I love this picture!
Mikes mom and sister came to Las Vegas.

Honeymoon 2005

Nov 2015

He loves his kids so much and they love him. He is truly their superhero dad that knows everything and can do everything!

I love that he always shows up to important school events. He is one of the view dads that show an interest in their childrens education and activities.

Those girls have him wrapped around their little fingers, that's for sure!

I love you Mike! Thank you for choosing me all those years ago!

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