Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gene and Jude's & Family

Mike has been telling the kids about Gene and Jude's hot dogs for years so the first thing we had to do was go to Gene and Jude's for hot dogs.

Really Michael?
His double dog was delicious!




They met their 2nd cousin Nick.


Bobby (Mike's nephew) and his girlfriend wanted to take the kids bowling for their birthday. The kids LOVE bowling! Thank you so much Toni and Bobby for taking the kids and helping them out. You two will make the best parents to baby Sophia!

Michael and Nick

I have to post 3 pictures so that I can get a picture with everyones smile. 

When we went home Bobby ordered Chicago pizza! So delicious. The kids played in the backyard and I tried not to fall over from lack of sleep. Jaileigh and Annie took my camera around and got some great shots! The following are all from them.

Auntie Diana



They had so much fun with these tee and bat. 


Tired mom!

Diana and I

Bobby and Toni's first baby, Peanut

Nick played too.

Michael with the ever changing eyes. Some days they are blue, some days green and some days gray. Beautiful cat eyes!

My die hard baseball kid. I think he plays in his sleep.

A picture of Toni's salad garden.

As you can see from the pictures, their yard was gorgeous! So green and lush! 

Mikes other nephew, Chris came over after work. He is Nick's dad. He got roped into playing baseball with the kids. 


Jake found guns.

Pizza time!

Stop taking my picture!


Waiting for a ball

A rolly polly



Such a ham when she warms up.

Diana gave Michael a Cubs shirt when his clothes got wet. He was super duper excited!

Jake and his guns.

Chris playing catch with the boys.

Someone got the water out!

What a fun first day! 

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