Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Parties and Fun

On Friday night Diana made a birthday cake for the kids. We sang Happy Birthday and ate some cake! It was a celebration with the family and cousins. The kids loved it!



Chris and Anthony watching the game.


On Saturday the kids swam at Chris and Kira's house all morning. We had to kick them out of the pool at 2 because there was a party at Bobby's house.




There was a lot of water play involved at the party. 

Inside after the water play was over.
Kira with Nick, Michael, Jaileigh and Annie

Mikes friends from when he coached in Chicago. 

Michael and Joey fast friends after bonding about baseball.

Toni's brother, Joey

Toni (the majority of these pictures were taken by my kids again)

Michael in his Kris Bryant jersey watching the Cubs play.

Beautiful Kira, Nicks mom.

Nick and Kira

Annie, Jaileigh and Anthony

then with Jakob and Nick

Sweet picture of Nick

Jennie, daughter of our friends Dan and Julie

and Casey their son.

Mikes favorite apple walnut cake. Diana made it just for him. I never make it for him. Poor Mike.

Diana and her friend Nick.



Diana's friend Patrick



Toni and Joey's Dad- the kids loved him.

Someone got my picture.

Kira's dad Rich



Anthony playing baseball cards with his new friend.

Michael watching the Cubs game.

Mike with his good friend Dan (in the orange/pink) and Patrick. I'm mad I didn't get any pictures with Mike and his other friends. He had so many come!

What a fun day! Bobby BBQed sausage and hot dogs and then there were sides to go. The kids played and played and played with all of their new friends. 

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