Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Birthday Trip Part 1

For Annie's birthday she decided that she wanted to go to Vegas again. We made reservations at her favorite place. Her birthday is Memorial weekend so we pickings are slim sometimes. We made them way back in February for Saturday-Tuesday and her birthday falling on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Mike and Edward planned a turkey hunting trip right before that. Mike left Wednesday to meet Edward in St. George. Because we haven't seen Rori for 6 months we decided to extend Annie's birthday vacation, therefore pulling the kids out of school for an extra 2 days eeeek! The kids and I left Wednesday late afternoon and stayed at Joe's that night. The next day we went to my parents house.

Rori and I took the kids shooting while the boys were out hunting. I was a little nervous taking the 5 kids and the dog but they all did a great job. Roxy didn't even flinch when the guns were fired.

 The kids had more fun looking for empty shells and casings and slugs and even rocks then they did shooting. It was a kids treasure trove!



My camera card was full so I only got 4 pictures from shooting. 

Edward and Rori playing "Down by the banks" with the kids. I think the kids played this for hours during our trip.

"Down by the banks of the hanky panky
Where the bullfrogs jump from bank to banky
Singing Oops, ops, soda pops
Jumped on the lily and went kerplop."

The next morning they hit the mountain first thing with their cousins. 

Rori and I took them to the Children's Museum while Grandma and Annie went on a special date for her birthday. 

Jaileigh with Legend and Anthony playing bank. 

Anthony working at the supermarket.



Flying the airplane
Legend and Michael

 Major and Legend



Jaileigh milking the cow.


 Little Veterinarians.

Dr Jaileigh

Playing basketball with the wheelchair

Building a maze for the golf balls

Jaileigh coloring.

We had so much fun! Even Rori and I had fun!

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