Saturday, October 15, 2011

More Disney

Karen met us at Disneyland and the kids were so excited. They were more excited for Karen then Disney, I think!

Anthony and Michael climbing the street lights.

Jake, Michael, Anthony and Jaileigh watching and waiting for Karen.

Michael's turn to climb the light.

and then on top of the cannon. I kept waiting for security to show up.

Mark Twains riverboat ride.

Waiting in line for the boat to pick us up. The boys torturing Karen.


Jake looking out into the water.


Jaileigh Bailey

She found the perfect chair.

Anthony and Jaileigh meeting Woody. The other 3 didn't want to, they wanted to see the goats.

Jaileigh, Daddy, Anthony and Woody

Anthony and Daddy looking at the donkey. I can't remember his name.

Jaileigh and Anthony petting the goats.

Jake LOVED the goats. He is usually terrified of animals but for some reason he connected here.

Jaileigh, Jake and Michael

Annie is trying to crawl in their pen with them.

Washing hands after.

Washing hands again after potty time. Never a dull moment when you are with us! When we left this bathroom it was pretty wet!

Who locked the monkeys in?

Anthony and his churro he stole from Karen.

Jaileigh and her stolen churro too.


This ride was the Casey Jr train. The lady put us in the monkey cage because there were 8 of us. We were sitting there ready to go and this little girl climbed in with us and sat down next to Mike (Big Mike) on the little teeny tiny bench. It was hilarious. She must have wanted to be with all the kids. Her mom and dad let her sit with us and they sat in the car behind us.

Mommy, Michael and Daddy.

Holding Michael's hand.

Good night. More coming tomorrow.

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