Friday, October 14, 2011

A Night of Disney

The 2nd weekend in October we spent at Disneyland. We took our RV down and stayed in one of the many RV parks surrounding Disneyland. We left Friday right after Mike got off work. We set up camp and then headed over to Disneyland.

Getting our shuttle passes. Everyone wants to help daddy.
Annie is telling me something.

This is a classic Jake face.

Michael knows exactly how many we need, with Jake and Anthony helping of course!

The squad going to check on what time the shuttle is coming.
Jaileigh, Daddy, Anthony, Michael, Jake

Finally, the shuttle came. All aboard.
Jaileigh and Daddy.

Jake, Michael and Anthony

Annie enjoying her shuttle ride. Gotta love the little bitty pony-tail. Yep!
While we were waiting in line for the shuttle we found out that Disneyland was closing at 6:00 pm for Mickey's Halloween Party. To get in everyone had to buy separate tickets. California Adventure was open so we decided to just go there. We were already planning on going to Mickey's Halloween on Oct 28 with a friend. When we arrived at Disney Mike ran over to get tickets for the 28th. While he was there a guy handed me a ticket good for that night. He said he wasn't going to use it and was wondering if I could. I offered to pay him but he refused and just told me to enjoy. I hurried and found Mike. Anyway, we ended up going to Mickey's Halloween Party. It was pretty fun. It was empty too! There weren't any lines and the music was great!

Mickey Ghost!

Anthony eating his corn dog and watching the halloween characters! Everyone that was there was dressed up in their costumes. It was fun for the kids to see. 

Another classic Jake look. This is usually the look he gives you when he's in trouble.

Jaileigh was upset because we ran out of apples.

Michael refused to get out of the stroller.

Annie was sooooo funny! She kept dancing in the street. There was music played over the loudspeaker and she just thought it was a personal concert.

One of their favorite rides- the Teacups!
Anthony and Jake

Annie even liked it this time.

Michael and Jaileigh went with daddy in the pink teacup.

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Esther and Brian said...

How fun!!! The kids are cute...I know that Annie is on the very tall side but I tell you, everytime I look at her, I feel like I am looking at a much older child!!!!! Would you happen to know how tall she is right now? Just curious...

:) Esther