Sunday, October 16, 2011


Continuing from our day at Disney.

Anthony and Jaileigh on It's A Small World. See the empty coke bottle? Anthony borrowed it from Karen and used it during the ride to bop people on the head with it.

Mommy and Jaileigh-bug. I was also holding a sleeping Annie here but you can't see her.

Here she is.

Jaileigh got tired of Anthony bopping her on the head. She stole his coke bottle and threw it in the garbage. He was sooooo sad! He even tried to get it back. Yuck I know!!!! GERMS.

Daddy saved the day and got him a sucker.


Jake and the stretchy bars.

Annie thought they were really fun.

Jake ding-donging

Jaileigh waiting on Jake to open the door for her.

Driving the car.

Annie was mad! She didn't want to share the car.

Playing in the playground.
Michael and Jaileigh


Anthony {can you tell they are tired?!}

Jaileigh and Anthony

Annie playing a fancy tune. She didn't want to share with this little boy either. She kept pushing his hands off the keyboard.

Anthony fell asleep on Karens shoulders.




Everyone but Annie slept through the parade.

We headed to a restaurant to eat a little dinner.
Jake, Anthony helping Karen eat.

Meeting Minnie Mouse.

Next up . . . .the parade!

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