Monday, October 24, 2011

Redwood Tree

Visiting the redwood tree. Did I really not get a picture of it?? What?? I can't believe it! We went on our first 4-wheeling adventure with Gampa Pops and Gama, Andy, Tia, Legend, and Major. We went to the Redwood Tree in Southern Utah. It was a short and dusty journey but we all had fun!

Daddy with Jake and Anthony

Michael was not impressed with his helmet.

Our view.

The whole fam-damily. Yes, that is our potty chair in the front seat. I brought it just in case.

Jaileigh, Andy and Major

Daddy and Annie. I'm sure he was saving her from jumping off a hill or into the stream.

Jaileigh and Andy having a bonding moment.

Andy with the babies.
Jake, Jaileigh, Major and Legend

Anthony and his glasses from Pops.

Michael found a cool stick.

The 4 quaddies teamed up to move this big piece of wood. It was so neat to watch them working as a team.
Anthony and Jaileigh

Moving the wood over the log.
Jake, Michael, Anthony and Jaileigh

Up the hill.
Jaileigh, Jake and Michael

They moved it all over the place before the bored of that game.

Annie playing with the pine cones.

The old folks holding the log up.
Pops, Gama, and Daddy


Pops and Jaileigh

Jake and Annie in the bushes.

Major using Pop's binoculars.

Michael and Major taking Pop's 4-wheeler for a spin.

Jake- we are in trouble when this kid gets older!


Another view picture.

Andy played MC while we were eating lunch. He announced everything that he felt was important. It was pretty entertaining as long as you weren't his focus point.
Jaileigh helping him out with the volume.

Baby Legend

Hanging out with Uncle Andy
Jaileigh and Major

Grandma Mitzi making lunch.

Michael, Pops, Anthony

Jaileigh, Legend and Daddy

Jake, Andy and Legend

Jaileigh and her daddy.

Annie Banany with her Uncle Andy. Andy tells Rori that we named Annie after him, just to tease her. Her name is Anndalyn. We could say that we named her after her Grandma Dolores Ann and Andy.

Another Crazy Jake picture.

The girls with the babies.
Tia, Jaileigh, Michael, Anthony, Jake, and Mommy(Amber)

Checking out the views.

7 grandbabies 3 and under.
Michael, Annie, Legend, Jaileigh, Major, Jake, Anthony

I love this! Look at Legend pulling on Annie's ear. I'm surprised she didn't push him off the log.
Michael, Annie, Legend, Jaileigh

Now look at the crusty look she is giving him.

Annie, Legend and Jaileigh

Pops and Gama with their grandbabies.

Heading home.

I did a terrible job of documenting the visit so I borrowed some pictures off the internet. Here is the link I borrowed all this from Redwood Tree.

The old Guard Station/Cabin. The board says to stay out because of hantavirus danger. That was enough to keep me away! Behind the cabin there is also a outhouse.

Here is a picture of the Giant Redwood Tree (Sequoia)

I also found this letter written to someone about the history of the place. The letter was found from the same link as above.

This is what we have record of regarding the Sequoia Tree at Browse.
The Guard Station was set up to be housing for a research group from our
Regional Office in Qgden Utah in 1933. They were to study Browse plants
(Thus the name) They set up 15 stations to analysis the plant life in the
immediate area. Sometime in 1935 they were given several Sequoia saplings
to put into locations down here in SW Utah to see if they would take off.
One went into Browse, two are still living at the entrance to Zion Park( I
have no ides where these are) and the rest were scattered in the area none
but these three are still alive. In the 1990's the Forest Service put
several new saplings into the area of Browse and the fire in 2005 took them
all out. The tree is 143 feet tall and the top 43 feet is dead, the tree
has grown branches up and around the dead so it looks full. There have been
approximately 7 coring' of the tree in the past few years and they all give
the date of the tree to around the 1930's our files indicate a date of 1935
for the planting but do not state how old the sapling was when planted. But
it indicated it was a sapling so it couldn't have been very old. Hope this
answers your question. Thanks for the interest in the tree it is really
cool isn't it?

Marian Jacklin

Heritage Program Manager
Dixie National Forest
1789 North Wedgewood
Cedar City Utah 84720
(435) 865-3746 fax:3791

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