Saturday, October 8, 2011

Birthday Party Time!

The Fiori Triplets turned 3! We joined in their birthday party late Saturday after our apple picking session.

Jake in his favorite car.


Annie getting ready to go for a drive.

Michael eating some din-din.

I think Jaileigh sat in this chair and ate a whole watermelon. She was so hungry. She kept saying "more please".

Jake with his shy face.

Visiting the rabbits.
Jake, Anthony, and Annie

My Annie Bananie

The two curly-headed stinkers.
Jake and Audrina

Jake and his beautiful baby blues.

The birthday girl-Audrina

Birthday boy- Andrew

Birthday Boy Aiden

Playing some ball with Daddy
Anthony, Jake and Michael


Happy Birthday to you!
Audrina, Andrew, Aiden

Cupcake time-Anthony and Jaileigh

Annie and her cupcake.

Annie's cupcake on her shirt.

Annie's cupcake on her face and her shirt.

Daddy and Michael eating cupcake.

Annie loved the scooters.

We had so much fun at the party! After it was over we headed back up the mountain to finish our camping trip.

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