Sunday, October 9, 2011

End Of The Trip

Jaileigh went running down the hill and crashed and burned. Poor baby! The first night we got there Jake rode his bike down the hill and crashed. Now they have matching banged up arms. Both of them were very brave and cried very minimally.

Jaileigh showing off her war wounds.

Playing in the miniature golf course again.

Playing on the mushroom statue.

Daddy, Anthony and Annie.

Jaileigh made her way to the top.

Everyone is there.

Michael and Jake on the ball ramp.



Jaileigh all bandaged up at home.

We ended up leaving earlier than planned. We had to go get gas for the RV and the closest gas station was all the way down the mountain. The kids were all sleeping so we just headed home after. Anthony was very upset when he woke up and he was home because he wanted to pick apples again. He cried for a good 30 minutes until we were able to distract him with something else.

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