Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Packing Up and Italian Ice

Sunday morning we started packing up to go home. The kids had their last chat session in their chairs.

Jake, Anthony and Jaileigh conversing about something deep. 

Michael joined in too with Annie in the background.

Annie found her hidey hole

Michael wanted to play too.

Michael and Annie hanging out again.

Jake being mischievous, I'm sure!

Anthony riding on the tractors.


Jaileigh and Annie

Group hug! All 5 kids and their daddy.

On the way home we had to stop at Joe's Italian Ice. They have the best Italian Ice outside of Chicago.

The line up- Jaileigh, Anthony, Jake, Michael and Annie

Annie enjoying her Mango Italian Ice

Jake and Michael enjoyed mango too.

Anthony got Mango and Jaileigh got Lemon. You can see how tired they both are!

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