Friday, October 28, 2011

Disney Halloween

Our friend Kristen came into town on Thursday Oct 27. She wanted to go to Disneys Halloween Party so we decided we would go with her. We got to Disneyland around 5:30ish and left around 9. We trick or treated, went on a few rides, and looked at all the costumes. Our favorite ride, "It's A Small World", was closed for renovation for the holiday show so the kids were really sad. I wanted to take pictures early but Mike wanted to wait until later which meant we didn't get any pictures. I hurried a took one of each of the kids as we were leaving. The whole family dressed up like characters from Peter Pan. Mike was Smee, I was Wendy, and then the kids were as follows:

Mr. Michael the Alligator

Peter Pan, Anthony

Captain Hook, Jakob

Tinkerbell, Jaileigh

Baby Tinkerbell, Annie

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