Saturday, October 1, 2011

Homeschool Preschool

Earlier I posted an entry about us going to preschool. Well, that didn't end up working out. It was a co-op, which is a group of moms that takes turns teaching. The Co-op decided to let 2 more people in the group, making the group 11. They split the group, splitting my kids, and told me I had to teach 20 weeks (everyone else teaching 5). So, we opted out. I couldn't imagine trying to get my kids going in two different directions and trying to teach and having another baby to worry about.

At first I was upset because my kids really enjoyed going to preschool but as I talked to my mom she talked some sense into me. First of all, I am a certified teacher and I can make do teaching for a year or maybe two if need be. Secondly, I was really worried about the socialization skills that they would be missing but she assured me that my kids are plenty social. This much is true. We are very active and visit a lot of places and people. Almost 4-6 times a week we are out and about and the majority of the time it is child-centered activities. This is more than they would be doing in the preschool anyway.

Lastly, I have a wonderful connection with a preschool teacher. Our old ECI teacher, Susan, was also a preschool teacher and she so generously offered her resources to me. I took her up on her offer and we have now started the official DeMaria House of Learning Preschool. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are our official sit down do stuff days. Then we ad lib the rest of the days. The kids absolutely love it. They are always asking to do more, more, more!

Michael and Anthony finger painting apples

Jaileigh with her painting fingers.



Even Annie got to have fun. I guess she will get 4 years of preschool instead of the normal 2.

Anthony and Michael playing in the paint.

Look at Jake! Jaileigh is serious about her artwork.

It was Annie's naptime.

While I was putting Annie down the kids did play. Toe painting was discovered.

Look at that face! Oh my!! What am I going to do with this mischievous imp?!

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