Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oak Glen

We took a camping trip to Oak Glen, CA. This is where most people go apple picking but we decided to make a camping trip out of it. The drive was about an hour and a half from our house.


Michael playing on the wagon wheel.


There was a minature golf course that we played in each morning. The kids loved the turtle.
Michael and Anthony

Jake and Annie

Michael and his elephant.

Anthony found a really cool stick.

Across from where we were staying there was this cute little village.

Anthony, Jake and Annie checking out the stage coach.

Jake and the wishing well.

Anthony in the wishing well.

and a big grin!

and even bigger!

Michael and Anthony sharing their drink.


Annie climbed up on this fence all by herself.

The apple pies here look amazing! We did not test them out.

We tried an apple dumpling and a turnover. They were ok.
Michael, Anthony, Jake, Jaileigh and Annie


This lady was walking her goat like a dog.

Jaileigh, Anthony and Jake looking at the goat.

Jaileigh and Anthony

We went to one of the many orchards. They had a little playhouse called the Rascal Ranch.
Anthony, Jake, Michael

Washing dishes.

Annie-- look at that grin!
Funny story. Anthony got his pants wet before we went in. He was having a fit so I put Annies on him. Annie doesn't have short here because of it. About 30 minutes later I ran back to the car and the shorts were dry so I put them back on and gave Annie her shorts back.

Jaileigh posing.


Anthony in Annie's shorts.

Jaileigh washing dishes.

Annie loves horses! She calls them neigh-neighs.


Michael and Jake



Finally, picking apples.

This was the "dud" bucket. If you picked an apple that was yucky it was supposed to be put in here. I'm pretty sure a bunch of them ended up in our bag.

The watermill. The had an apple press here. You could make your own apple cider. The line was very long!

Jaileigh, Anthony, Michael and Jake watching the apple pressing.

Going for a hay(straw) ride.  Only group picture I could get. It was way past naptime.
Michael, Anthony, Jake, Annie and Jaileigh

The guardian of the apple bag. Michael and his huge yawn.

The kids had so much fun!

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