Sunday, October 23, 2011

Go Flyers!

My brother is helping coach the Dixie Flyers and we were lucky enough to be able to attend his last game of the season. He brought each of the kids a Dixie Flyer shirt to wear.



Gama with Michael, Anthony and Jaileigh
Jakob and Annie were being very camera shy.


Andy's babies Major and Legend got to hang out with us too.
Gama and Pops had all 7 grandkids together, so fun!

Baby Legend- that is what my kids call him.

During the game someone threw a cigarette out the car window and started a fire near the stadium. It caught an electrical pole and fire and blew the transformer. The lights went out. This was probably one of the scarier moments in my life, trying to find all my kids.  It was pitch black and people were panicking. Thank goodness my kids usually stay close to me. Once we were sure we had all 7 kids we went home. They were able to get the lights back on to finish the game. While the lights were out someone stole our princess ball :( 

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