Monday, September 5, 2011

Ball Game Part II

Finally, here are the rest of the Padres game pictures.

The kids spent quite awhile rolling down the hill. Jaileigh was definitely the best at it. In this picture you can see Jake, Anthony, Karen and Jaileigh

The Padres photographer took a picture of the family. Megha took this copy for us.
Now whenever Anthony sees a family picture without Karen in it he says, "Mommy, where's Karen?" That kids loves her so much!
Back row Amber, Mike
Front row Jaileigh, Michael, Anthony, Annie, Karen and Jakob

I was trying to get a picture of Michael's dirty face here.

Jaileigh and Karen

Michael with his dirty marshmallow face wants to give me a great BIG kiss.

Giving me the smooch

Feeling the aftermath. He thought it was pretty funny to get me dirty too.

Sweet Annie

Karen chasing little crazies.

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