Friday, September 16, 2011

Football Practice

One evening we went to football practice with Daddy. The kids really miss him when he was gone so we decided to tag along. They had a lot of fun playing on the bleachers and the field. We took their bikes so they could ride those too.

Michael taking a drink break.



Anthony watching the game.

The foursome watching. It looks like Jake and Jaileigh are having a conversation.

Silly Michael.


They loved walking on this bench and then jumping off.

The first thing Jake did when we got there was to climb and jump that fence behind him. Crazy kid!

Helping each other out.
Anthony and Jake

See, even boys can giggle.

Jaileigh trying to avoid a picture.

Sweet Annie



Anthony riding his bike back to the car.

Michael catching a ride with Annie.

Silly Michael

Jake and Jaileigh

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