Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cubs vs Padres!

The Chicago Cubs were in town playing the Padres so we HAD to go!! Mike loves his Chicago Cubbies. We went on Monday night for our FHE activity. The kids loved it again. It was nice for Mike to be able to see his beloved Cubbies too.

Jaileigh and Annie sporting the Cubs gear.



Mr. Michael


The Boys
Anthony, Jake, and Michael

Jake and Anthony

Jai-Bay with her oreo.

Michael loves his oreos too.

Annie likes to lick her oreos, partially chew them and then offer them to someone else, usually me.

The boys kept bugging Mike and I to buy them Cotton Candy. They had never had it but were very intrigued by it. We finally consented and hunted down a vendor. They consumed the whole tub within minutes.


Annie was feeding Daddy her cotton candy, no chewing or licking included.

Jake looks like the sugar coma hit.

Look at Anthony's face. YUM!!!

Jaileigh and Mommy


Michael was ready to go.

I think the Cubs lost :(

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