Monday, September 26, 2011

Sensory Time Again

Sensory Time is one of our favorite places. This is only our 2nd time going. I wish we could get the membership there but we have so many kids that we'd be broke. All of these photos are from my phone so excuse the low quality.

My little monkeys have no problem with climbing. First thing they did was climb this and jumped off. Then they climbed the rock wall all alone. You would think that 3 year olds would be a little afraid of heights.

Even Annie had to climb everything. She did wait for help though.

This thing spins. It's called a dizzy disc or something.

Annie wanted on too.

She's pretty smart. Jaileigh let Annie get on so she wouldn't get squished.

Michael driving around.

Michael climbing.

Jaileigh getting a ride with the gas pump.

Anthony getting ready to pump gas in Jake's shopping cart.

Michael put the Rody Horse on the dizzy disc and went for a wild ride.

Jake and the shopping cart.

Michael rolling around in the barrel.

Jaileigh's turn.

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