Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Red Guitar

Anthony and his red guitar. I ran into Ross the other day with ALL the kids. Call me crazy, it's true. I shoved all of them in one of their nasty carts, with one of my blankets covering the bottom. We were in search of a present. Sometimes Ross has great gifts if you can sift through the junk and stand to wait in their horrendous lines. Anyway, Anthony found this red guitar and carried it around the whole time we were there. When I tried to put it back on the shelf, slyly, he threw the biggest tantrum. I was so embarrassed. I ended up buying it and thinking to myself that I would return it when he was sleeping. He loved it! Sadly, when we got home it didn't work. Mike ended up taking it back for me. I'm glad I got the photo. I also have a video but can't seem to get it off my phone or off facebook. Argh!

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