Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

 Kristen was still visiting us. We spent the morning at the dentist with Annie. That evening our friends came over and made pizza for us. Shortly after dinner, Kristen had to go home. We were sad to see her go but hope she will come visit again soon.

Helping Daddy tighten the table legs before dinner.

Jake, Jaileigh and Anthony watching the pizza being rolled out.
Baby Thomas and Emily watching too.

Big Jake making pizza.

Michael playing with baby Thomas

I was holding Baby Thomas and my Baby Annie decided to be jealous so he got passed on to Daddy Mike.

Emily was cutting the vegetables and the three loved watching.

Jaileigh playing outside.

Annie and Olivia

Jake with his dump truck

Rosemary and Olivia eating ice cream and cookies.

Annie sat by Olivia. Everytime Annie would get a spoon full of ice cream she would bump it into Olivia's arm, getting ice cream on her. Olivia was so sweet about it too, she just kind of whimpered. I don't think she will sit by Annie next time.

Thanks guys for the pizza and company! Kristen we miss you!

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