Thursday, September 22, 2011

Phone Pictures

I finally decided to post my phone pictures. I always wanted to, I just dreaded the whole uploading, downloading thing. My camera has been out of order for a little over a month. It took us awhile to decided what to do. Did I want a new one or did I just want to fix it? I tried out the Sony NEX5, the Panasonic Lumix (something or other) and a Samsung something. Loved the quality of the Sony but hated the fact that you had to buy lens to go with it. Did not like the panasonic or the Samsung. I have decided that I LOVE my camera. I looked online to buy a new one but they are now $900-1300 and I was not going to spend that. We decided to fix it. The camera guy said it was an excellent camera and worth fixing. He did ask Mike if it had been through WWIII. He laughed and just told him that his wife used it with 5 toddlers. It took him 3.5 weeks to fix it but it was so worth it. While it was being fixed I took a few photos with my phone and with the above mentioned cameras. As soon as I get these phone pictures out of the way I will start blogging with my Canon G10 pictures again.

Our church is the worst possible time for my kids. It is from 11am-2pm. Right in the middle of naps and lunch. I try to feed them lunch before we go to church and then as soon as we get home we put them down for naps. Jaileigh was throwing a tantrum one Sunday. I think she wanted me to carry her up the stairs and I couldn't. I think Mike was hometeaching and wasn't there. I just let her cry while I took care of the boys and Annie. When I went to check on her this is what I found.

Michael's before and after stitches. This one is before while we were waiting in the waiting room of the urgent care.

This one is right after Dr Ambrose removed them. Looks pretty good.

Annie playing with the train box

Anthony laying face down laughing.

In the RV. Annie and Anthony playing. While we drive we do use car seats. This was while we were parked.

Michael in timeout.

One of the neighbor girls threw dirt in Jaileigh's eye. I got it out with contact solution and then Jaileigh insisted on wearing a bandaide on it. She was very upset and still remembers what happened.

Nice artwork on my wall. I do believe that Jake did this one. I did make him wash it off. Thank goodness for washable crayons and markers.

Jake thought this was so funny. He tried to drive around the yard like this. I think he talked Anthony or Michael into pushing him.

Annie riding her bike and wearing the boys shorts.

Michael wanted to hitch a ride too. Annie doesn't seem too happy about it.

Anthony riding his bike and is sure happy about it!

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