Friday, September 9, 2011

Annie's Dental Accident

On Saturday Kristen and I took the gang to get Michael's shots. The doctors office is on the 2nd floor. When we get there we walk up the stairs and then when we leave I let them ride the elevator. They love jumping in the elevator. They chant "Jump, Jump, Jump" while jumping the whole ride. When Annie gets on the elevator she likes to push the Help button so 1/2 the time I have to explain to the operator that my baby pushed the button. I was chasing her to the elevator and she was running, laughing the whole way, and she tripped. She hit her two front teeth on the elevator wall.

I was so upset. I think we called 3 or 4 dentists. I talked to a couple and Mike talked to a couple. I finally reached our dentist and she said just to watch her and to bring her in on Monday. Monday was Labor Day but she was open anyway. ALL the kids had to come for some reason. Thank goodness I had Kristen with me.

They x-rayed her and then looked at her teeth. She chipped both of her teeth and both of them are loose. Dr Ruth said they were ok right now. They would tighten up over time but to watch for signs of infection. She said they may turn gray, which was just a sign of the trauma, but not to worry about it.

This little girl is going to be the death of me! Forget the quads, they have nothing on her.
We got to the dentist and I had forgot her clothes. Mike brought them to me and I put them on just as the dentist came out.

Annie brushing her teeth.

Here is a picture of her teeth. I don't know if you can see the chips. They are pretty small.

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Goodness....Glad she's ok! She's a wild one for sure....but a very cute wild one! :)