Sunday, September 4, 2011


Mike and I can't remember if this was the kids 2nd or 3rd baseball game but it was the best one by far. They were old enough to enjoy themselves and we all had fun. The first games were before they were one years old so they were pretty little. Today we also had a lot of extra hands on board.
Walking to Petco park.
Megha with Anthony, Michael, and Jaileigh. Karen with the Jakester.

Mike and Kristen on stroller duty, empty mind you!

I was on Annie-duty.

So cute!

These two are so cute together! Two jokesters.

Meeting the cat.
Megha and Jaileigh, Karen and Jake

Group photo.

Setting up camp. The padres have the coolest deal, it's called Park in the Park. The tickets are really cheap and you get to sit on their grassy park for the game.

Jacket time. It was a freezing 75 degrees out!

Anthony and Daddy

Jake and Anthony watching the fireworks.

Anthony enjoying life.

Jaileigh and Megha giggling,

Funny Michael

Jake watching the dog. You can see Jaileigh and Anthony pointing at it.

Meeting the dog. Annie and Jaileigh loved it. The rest not so much.

I LOVE this picture. Jaileigh giving the dog a hug and Annie laughing.

Annie gathering her goldfish crackers.

Picture of our view.

Playing by the statue of the "boy playing baseball", as my kids called it.

Jake trying to take his jacket off.

Anthony pointing to the baseball statue.

"That's gonna be me someday Mommy"

They found the balloon maker.
Annie, Michael, Jake and Anthony

Karen went over to be the parental figure.

Jaileigh got a really neat hat. Look at how excited Annie is.


Jake got a belt and a sword.

Anthony patiently waiting his turn while playing with the applesauce.

Michael with his belt and sword.

Anthony made sure to request a green sword.


Annie was so cute. She was really excited for her balloon.

He made her a pink flower bracelet. Later he made her a sword so she could play with the boys.

Michael looking at the flower.

Jaileigh was mesmerized. She stood and watched him for about 20 minutes.

Attacking Megha.

Annie with the hat and her sword.

Michael and the hat.


More pictures coming later.

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