Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hidden Meadows On Saturday

We had a busy Saturday. We took Michael to the doctor for his shots, I'm pretty sure we threw in a trip to the dollar store, then we went to the park {Hidden Meadows}. In the evening we went to Daddy's football game.

Waiting in the parking lot at the doctor's.
Jake, Anthony and Jaileigh

My three babies. These three are always together. It's either Jai and Jake or Jake and Annie or Jai and Annie or all three.
Jake, Jaileigh Annie

Michael playing ball with daddy.

Anthony/Jaileigh, Michael/Annie swinging with daddy.

Jake found the sand.

Annie wanted to play in the sand too.

She does not have any sensory issues. She loves sand! She even licked it which really grosses me out.


Watching the airplane fly over.

Michael in the sand. He is usually a little more reserved in the sand, Mr OCD.



The last one to join us, Jaileigh-Bailey


At the game playing on the bleachers.



My little sweetie pie!



Jaieligh and her tootsie pop.

Michael wanted me to take a picture of him clapping his hands. So funny.

Anthony was playing hard to snap a picture of.

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