Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just A Monday Morning

Kathy and Joe were still here on Monday but they left at naptime. We started the morning riding tractors.
The kids love to ride their "tractors". They would ride them every day, all day long if we would let them. After that we tried to go to Sensory time but they were closed so we went to the pet store and looked at puppies instead. Then we went to Old Towne Temecula and ate at Madelines. They have the best burgers in town.

Anthony giving our road boy a ride.

Annie riding her bike with her pink boots. She picked them out.

Look at his grin!

Anthony pushed the boy all the way down the street. Joe had to chase him to save it.

Jake. Michael and Jaileigh

The whole gang

Jaileigh at the wheel. She is a little scary.

Jake's hand is on Annie's head. I told him to be careful with her when he drove so he put his hand on her head and drove around. It was so sweet.

Michael driving Annie

Kathy and Jaileigh reading the newspaper.

Joe chasing Anthony again

Jake truly enjoys the tractors the most.


Anthony at the wheel and Michael along for the ride.


Once the kids were down for their naps Kathy and Joe left. The kids were very sad when they woke up. Thanks for coming and the great weekend!

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